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Elvis...Southwest Airlines...Taylor Swift...A Lady Amongst Mountains

This blog post will begin as random as the blog title, but if you take the time to read it...it will make sense.

On Tuesday, I headed to Las Vegas for my first Elvis wedding. I was excited about this experience and was prepared to complete some work on the plane. The day began as planned, A-12 boarding number on Southwest...center seat was not taken, and an "old school" Southwest Airlines flight attendant (you know the one that sings, cracks jokes, and always refers to "Las Vegas" as "Lost Wages") was in the lead at the front of the plane.

And then that flight attendant made the dreaded announcement, that the Wi-Fi was not working. We were already pushing back, and I had zero time to download any entertainment. The only thing that was downloaded on my Netflix was "Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour." Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy Taylor, though I would not consider myself a Swiftie, at this point in time she was my only option for entertainment.

The film amazed me, the choreography by Tyce Diorio...fantastic, Taylor's performance...epic, I began to think maybe I was turning into a Swiftie. That is when Taylor sat down at a piano and started to thank the 397 people it took to bring the show to the stage...and she started the song "Long Live." I immediately replayed the chorus over and over again...and all I could think about was the connection this song made with "A Lady Amongst Mountains."


For those that are not aware, "A Lady Amongst Mountains" nominations were completed on September 16th. Events by Jenny Lea at the Red River Gorge, along with Megan Goble Photography + Film wanted to discover women from Eastern Kentucky who encompass the title, A Lady Amongst Mountains. She is strong, faithful, and fearless. She believes in others when they don’t believe in themselves, and she overcomes obstacles that the majority hide from. She is a mover and shaker. Their inspiring stories will be shared on social media and will be featured in a calendar where all proceeds from sales will benefit the victims of domestic violence. In addition, during March of 2024 (the Month of the International Woman), Events by Jenny Lea at the Red River Gorge, and Megan Goble Photography + Film will host an event honoring these ladies and their families.

So here I am, on this airplane, watching Taylor Swift, with chill bumps on my arms, and tears rolling down my cheeks, all because the lyrics of this song are exactly what these women represent...

Long live the walls we crashed through

I had the time of my life with you

Long, long live the walls we crashed through

How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you

And I was screaming, "Long live all the magic we made"

And bring on all the pretenders, I'm not afraid

Singing long live all the mountains we moved

I had the time of my life-fighting dragons with you

And long, long live the look on your face

And bring on all the pretenders

One day, we will be remembered

Over the next few months, we will introduce you to the 12 amazing women who have been selected to represent this title. We will share their stories and hope that they provide you with just as much inspiration as they have provided us...


An Elvis wedding at Little White Chapel in Las Vegas is FANTASTIC. I don't know what was more entertaining the lobby area, or the actual wedding.

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