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4th Nominee - A Lady Amongst Mountains

Hannah Adams, nominated by James Adams & Elizabeth Hamilton

I nominate my daughter, Hannah Adams. She has accomplished so much in her 23 years of life. Becoming a mother at 19, she stepped up to the plate and became the best adult version of herself I have ever witnessed. She cares fiercely for her family, involves herself in the community through her photography business, volunteering, kindness, and support for everything Eastern Kentucky has to offer. She pushed through college and obtained her bachelor's degree at the age of 20, is finishing up her master's degree in mental health counseling, and plans to because a Family and Marriage counselor. , and doing all of this while caring for her home, family, and homeschooling her two children. She is currently working on creating a business for children, to provide them with more opportunities and fun. She puts her family and her work as a housewife before anything or anyone else. She is dedicated and driven to promoting homeschool education to the community that wants more for their children. She knows the value and sacredness of marriage and family and wants to work with these populations of people to help them grow in love. She is the best fit for A Lady Amongst Mountains.

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